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New dealer for spain: Equipson
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Eurotruss launches its new uk office
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The great PR10 Pitch Roof Rises in BilBao Spain
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Eurotruss Tunnel Roof hits curaçao before landing on st.martin
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Eurotruss main goal is to develop and to produce high quality trussing against a fair price. Therefore Eurotruss concentrates itself on a continously improvement and maintanance of this high quality. Eurotruss uses the best ingredients for its products. All used aluminium is made of a high quality (AlMgSi1,0F31 with U-Zeichen) in combination with superb accessories like connectors and pins, assures you and Eurotruss a leading position in the truss market.
Therefore Eurotruss invested enormously in gaining a unique verification of welding aluminium, given by the official German Institution of welding aluminium, SLV Duisburg GmbH in Germany. Naturally all products are TuV approved although in our opinion has less value than a company approval like Eurotruss has with its "verification of welding aluminium" Eurotruss can proudly inform you that its products are fully proved and tested accordingly the strictest regulations in our market.

Unique Fast coupling system

Since 1993 Eurotruss has set the standard with developing and producing truss systems with a fast conical connection system which has proven to be succesful as many trussing manufactures has changed their system into a fast connection system or even made or tried copies of the succesful Eurotruss connection system. Therefore we have to emphasize that the usage of any other conical connection system whether in combination with Eurotruss is dangerous. Eurotruss its connection system is in full harmony with its trussing technology and therefore a succesful and good solution. Just a copy of the conical connection system is not good enough. Eurotruss therefore cannot be hold responsible for set-ups in which other brands are used.


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The great PR10 rise in bilbao - spain with...

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Official launch of Eurotruss LATAM LLC

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New dealer for Spain

We are very happy to announce Equipson SAL as our new partner in Spain and Canarias Islands. With more than 20 year of experience and with an...