During the Prolight & Sound we have presented new products to the world. The first new product is the Eurotruss CWT Truss, originally designed as a Catwalk Truss but redesigned to a multi versatile heavy load catwalk truss. The second new product is the Eurotruss RTS Truss, originally designed as a foldable and stackable truss system which carries the moving heads permanently. The RTS Truss is the new versatile truss structure which can be used to carry moving heads. It saves not only trucking space but also guarantees less set up time and labor.

All the new products can be found in the Exhibition Magazine ´E-Motion´ (Eurotruss in Motion). We have added the PDF of this Magazine in the download section of the website or you can view it online here. If you require a hard copy, please send us your request and we will make sure you get a few copies!

Eurotruss also upgraded its total Roof package. Before we used to design Roof Systems based on the product out of our range. We recognized that our customer base have a particular request for shape, size and load bearing capacity. Due to this different approach and the fact that the regulations and norms have been changed in 2011, we have decided to classify our Roof Systems as following:

Arc, Saddle and Pitch Roofs

Three various shapes: Arc, Saddle and Pitch Roof listed as AR- , SR- and PR Roofs. The next classification is a number 10-20-30 up to 50which stands for the size of the roof. For instance the AR-10 is the smallest ARC Roof and the AR-30 is the biggest ARC Roof. Depending on the size and the loading the best product has been selected to be used in that truss.

The new regulation and norms are based on a structural calculation that all walls are closed with full PVC Canopy which has a higher restricting wind force than the standard gaze. The new norms are taking worst case scenario which we adapt and prefer. Safety is absolutely our priority. As Eurotruss found a way to have all roofs calculated according the new norms, the price for structural reports on name has been reduced heavily in price.

Naturally Eurotruss still will and can make any customized roof shape and size!.

If you have a special request, please do not hesitate to contact us or your nearest dealer!