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NEW TR-20 HITS Curacao before landing on St. Martin

Not one but two TR-20 stages were delivered to our clients in the last couple of months. Mega Sound International on Saint Martin – Sint Maarten (isle in the Caribbean see) also bought the brand new TR-20 Tunnel Roof Stage from Eurotruss. For it’s first buildup the structure landed on Curacao for the Amnesia festival. This version of the TR-20 is equipped with 5 arches and with a massive stage surface of 15 x 16 meters this stage is a real beast!

Congratulations to our Client Mega Sound International with this recent purchase!


Eurotruss launches its new UK office

Eurotruss continues to go from strength to strength and is delighted to announce its expansion into the UK with the launch of Eurotruss Sales UK Ltd.  Based in Northampton, the new UK facility will stock a wide range of popular product allowing for instant despatch, or customer collection.  Competitive pricing, and a team of dedicated staff, makes Eurotruss UK at the forefront of trussing sales.

Truss structures can be very complex; Eurotruss offers both ideas and solutions as part of their comprehensive service. The appointment of many new preferred partners across the globe shows Eurotruss are an innovative company, committed to growth in the market place.


MC Veranstaltungstechnik chooses TR-20

We Want, We Can, We Do, That is the motto for MC Veranstaltungstechnik the couple of last years, To keep up with this motto and the tremendous demand from their customers MC Veranstaltungstechnik recently bought the brand new Eurotruss TR-20 Tunnel stage. They choose the Eurotruss TR-20 due to its first class quality and the level of support, safety and reliability of the company Eurotruss.


Eurotruss PR Roof for World music icon Robbie Williams

In front of more than 33,000 people world music icon Robbie Williams gave a spectacular concert in Belgrade (Servia). Sky Music together with the well-known Exit festival organized this gigantic event.

Knowing the stage sets of big artists like Robbie Williams Sky Music preferred to use the Eurotruss Pitch Roof. The Pitch Roof can accommodate the required production case which goes with an artist at this large scale. The Robbie Williams concert in Belgrade is just a warm-up for Sky Music because the Exit and Sea Dance Festival are coming up soon.


A Successful Prolight+Sound 2015 Exhibition for Eurotruss


For the 21st time in a row Eurotruss attended the Prolight+Sound exhibition in Frankfurt. We would like to thank you for visiting our booth. It was great to have the opportunity to catch up again. We are extremely proud to notice a massive increase in the interest in our products from all over the world. Eurotruss presented its 4 main product groups: Structures, Stages, Stage Decks & Lifters. The introduction of the new HD22 Ladder beam truss and the upgraded Pre Rig foldable dolly exceeded our expectations. 

Commercial Director Peter Draaisma commented: ‘’Our dedication and attention to the business have not gone unnoticed, our focus for 2015 is to maintain that high level within the market. 


A game changer the new HD22 Ladder Beam

Schermafbeelding 2015-03-05 om 11.07.14
Eurotruss developed a new ladder beam truss which carries the best ingredients in terms of design, strength, durability and user friendliness. No compromise has been made and this truss is the perfect extension to your existing truss range.

The HD22 is the product name as it indicates the usage of the standard FD/HD Connection and refers to a 2 point tube ladder structure with a dimension of 200mm. The HD22 has a symmetrical bracing pattern using 20x2mm diagonals and straight end braces to optimize strength without compromising the symmetrical pattern for ideal outlining of your fixtures. The size of 200mm in combination with the diagonal bracing pattern ensures maximum stability.


Krakow arena Poland supplied with Eurotruss

The Krakow Arena is the biggest arena in Poland and one of the most modern in the world hall entertainment and sports venue. The Krakow Arena compound consists of two halls, a large one and a small one. It is difficult to miss this venue while visiting Krakow, the attention is attracted by an unprecedented LED screen on the building elevation surrounding the external construction of the main hall of the length of more than 500 meters.

Very Good Company (VGC) supplied the Krakow Arena with a massive solid grid build out of Eurotruss TT and ST Truss to deal with all the specific load requirements of touring artists and shows like Robbie Williams, Katy Perry, Elton John, Sting and many more!


New Rental Partners for Turkey

Eurotruss is pleased to announce Turkish company MAIN STAGE & PARK TECHNICAL PRODUCTION as the official Preferred Rental Partners for Turkey.
MAIN STAGE & PARK TECHNICAL PRODUCTION recently purchased the brand new Eurotruss PR15 Roof System which will be used for top of the bill events and concerts!

Keep an eye on MAIN STAGE and PARK TECHNICAL PRODUCTION websites for the latest news and upcoming events or contact them through the email address below. (click on read more)


Presenting the new Tunnel Roof

Eurotruss developed a new Tunnel Roof in the most economic and popular size of 12x10m.
This Tunnel Roof carries great features like an impressive free clearance of ~8m, an integrated cantilever of ladder truss and a clamped on keder tent profile for its canopy that guarantees full closing and allows you full flexibility in depth by adding on and or taking off one or more arched segments. The best feature is that the tunnelroof is builtout of standard HD34 Box Truss and still carries an impressive load bearing capacity of 2100 kgs onmultiple point loads or 3300 kgs divided load.

Are you



Eurotruss is pleased to announce that Luis Duque has joined the Sales team in the USA. He is based in Miami, Florida  and is the point of contact for existing and potential customers for the whole Latin American Area.  Luis is a well known entrepreneur in the region and will continue selling lighting fixtures, consoles and sound systems through his own company Wholestage - D&B Group.  He has great knowledge and experience in the staging and rental business in Latin America. 

Luis plans on furthering his education and practical knowledge, through focused training programs fully supported by Eurotruss and has the complete support of the global Eurotruss sales and product support team.


Eurotruss celebrated a successful 2014 and is ready for 2015!

At the end of our successful 2014 year, Eurotruss welcomed the entire International sales team at the Eurotruss Headquarters in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. We have celebrated the year 2014, outlined our plans for 2015 and everybody was trained on the new products.   

Eurotruss has had a fantastic year with many big jobs; an amazing record in standard truss output, projects and roof systems, next to that we reached the record number on sales of the stage decks and we successfully introduced new products as the Eurotruss Lifters and the reinforced Pre Rig Truss called TTS Truss. The growth as a Eurotruss family with new preferred partners has helped us greatly to accomplish our goals.



5th of October 2014 - Leeuwarden, The Netherlands Eurotruss International – Eurotruss announces that it hass added LIFTERS to its product range next to Trussing, Staging, Stage Decks and Rigging. The kick off contains five new models: The top loaders TL-530 & TL-660, the front loader FL-830 and the two front loaders for flying PA FLS-520 & FLS-620. These lifters have been developed for professionals and carry impressive features such as state of the art safety device, impressive loads at given heights and user friendly design.




NEW TR-20 HITS Curacao before landing on St....

Not one but two TR-20 stages were delivered to our clients in the last couple of months. Mega Sound International on Saint Martin – Sint Maarten...

Eurotruss launches its new UK office

Eurotruss continues to go from strength to strength and is delighted to announce its expansion into the UK with the launch of Eurotruss Sales UK...

MC Veranstaltungstechnik chooses TR-20

We Want, We Can, We Do, That is the motto for MC Veranstaltungstechnik the couple of last years, To keep up with this motto and the tremendous...

Eurotruss PR Roof for World music icon Robbie...

In front of more than 33,000 people world music icon Robbie Williams gave a spectacular concert in Belgrade (Servia). Sky Music together with the...